Postform Laminate

We currently offer 6 unique styles in almost any color and finish. Receiving 2 shipments of slabs a week means that we can get your material fast! All kitchen and vanity depth countertops with a rolled edge also have a coved (integral) backsplash.


Self-Edge Laminate (crisp 90 degree and angled edge finishes)
We build Self-Edge laminate tops to fit just about any situation or cabinet configuration. We use our state-of-the-art digital Photo-Top system to actually map out your kitchen or bath. Self-Edge tops are custom built by hand from the cabinet up. (Self-Edge does not mean you do it yourself)

- Allows for fewer seams in angled applications

- Completely customizable depth and splash heights available


Postform Edge Profiles


Vida Edge

The Vida® profile offers yet another sculpted style from Hartson-Kennedy. The unique, subtle curves add a classic look to this profile which finishes in a uncurving bottom edge. This effect gives the Vida® profile a more substantial appearance, further emulating the look of stone. Our quality postformed laminate countertops are a cost effective way to add beauty to your living and work environments.

Amore Edge

Make any room in your home a work of art with the Amore'® sculptured series laminate countertop.  Hartson-Kennedy's Amore'® profile is unique in its subtle, refined curves. This beautiful profile gives you a classic edge for your kitchen or bath that emulates the luxurious look of stone. Combining the Amore'® profile with the patented Amore'® Profile End Capping Process results in a laminate countertop that is unsurpassed in style and beauty.

Caspian Edge

Our stylish Caspian gives you a contemporary look with a double, tight-radius profile. This edge compliments both classic and contemporary kitchen and bath design trends.

Dura Edge

A contemporary design featuring self-edge front and cove self-edge backsplash. This refreshing style blends beautifully with today's modern appliances. Its dazzling design will enhance the beauty of any kitchen or bathroom giving it that ultimate look.

E-Top 1500 Edge

Crisp European styling beautifully styled with today’s new trends in mind.  E-Top #1500 has a 180° front nose, 1-1/2” thick.  The laminate wraps around the front nose giving added protection.  This sleek, gorgeous design will enhance any room. 

E-Top 2000 Edge

Popular demand makes this European style number one.  The 90°/90° oval, flat front roll nose complements today’s cabinets creating a luxurious look.  The laminate wraps around the front nose giving added protection.  More curves, softer flowing lines, just the right touches.

No-Drip Edge

Ultra-Top No-Drip has been the top choice in the industry for over 40 years. This one has all the features built right in. A raised rolled edge on the front nose meets the needs of today's fast paced lifestyle. Beautiful and functional...it stops those messy spills from running down your cabinets and still looks fantastic!

Waterfall Edge

Ultra-Top Waterfall the smooth 1-1/4” thick front nose along with the 3/4” radius makes this the perfect countertop to complement today’s modern look.  The simplicity of this countertop will enhance the look of any room.

Aegean Edge

Aegean, gives you a sleek, eased edge without the black line common to many laminate countertops. This clean edge beautifully complements both residential and commercial applications.

Self-Edge Profiles


Square Edge

A contemporary design that blends beautifully with today's modern appliances. Its design will enhance the beauty of any kitchen or bathroom giving it that modern look.

Crescent Edge Wilsonart Exclusive

A soft curve that mimics the "bullnose" granite edge, this versatile edge blends into most any kitchen design. The perfect finishing touch to your "I can't believe this isn't real granite" countertop.

Beveled Edge

Strong, crisp angles enhance the solid stone look with a classic look and feel. The 45 degree angle "cut" reflects light for a defined border that smartly frames your countertop.

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