C A S E  W O R K

Laminated Tops manufactures custom melamine and high pressure laminate casework to meet your individual needs. We specialize in medical facilities, exam rooms, office work stations, retail fixtures, and restaurant establishments using a variety of high quality materials. Our cabinetry design and manufacturing methods are specifically aimed at meeting the need for your specific application. We customize our casework in a range of layouts and heights, including standing, sitting, and ADA compliant heights.  We can assist you with choosing the components that will maximize your space and create a more organized, efficient facility. We collaborate our customization of casework with any of our custom countertop selections to make a truly one of a kind look for you.

We also provide frameless cabinets with a range of door options for your residential application. These are a unique combination between durability, customization, and beauty that we are truly proud to present to you. With today’s everchanging design pallets this option allows flexibility and customization to achieve your desired outcome.


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